Doug Greenwald

Welcome to my little web site. It's kinda simple, no fancy graphics (except for the Photography and Raytrace sections). It does use Cascading Style Sheets but it should look okay if your browser doesn't support them.

About Doug Go here if you want to see shameless self-promotion.
Programs While I don't consider myself to be anything but an average programmer, I have written some utility suites that may be useful to others.
Photography I consider myself to be a serious amateur photographer (as opposed to seriously amatuer) specializing in close-up and macro. My favorite subjects are flowers, natural still life ("Things I've Found on the Ground"), and electronics.
Raytracing I also enjoy a little bit of raytracing. I mostly concentrate on making textures as I don't have a modeling tool that suits me.

I use mostly the Persistance of Vision (PoV) raytracer and to a lesser degree the Rayshade raytracer.
Entertaining My ex-wife Tracy and I both enjoy to cook. We especially liked to cook for our friends and held the occasional gathering. This served two purposes - we got to actually see our friends and we could show off whatever style we'd been cooking the most at the time:-)
Humour Various jokes and humourous images I've collected from the Internet.
Shooting My newest hobby is shooting. My goal is to get into competitive shooting, either Silhoutte or Practical.